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Meet Ashley

Meet Ashley


As the daughter of a successful real estate broker, I feel that real estate is something that has always been close to my heart. Before moving to Utah to help my brother with the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, I was raised in a New Hampshire and Massachusetts household where real estate was the family business and pursued my license at a young age.


Like most of the buyers in SLC, I was very new to the market. I thought I had an understanding of the goings-on of the market and figured I could fend for myself when I first entered the market. I was very wrong. Trying to understand all the elements of real estate is difficult, let alone being a first-time home buyer. This is where Ashely shined. Even before we started looking for a home, she sat us dow...

— Curtis W.


Ashley is a consummate professional and an excellent Realtor® to work with. She is honest, trustworthy, and hardworking. Ashley has an extensive background in real estate combined with a great eye for finding homes. Ashley worked tirelessly for us when we were looking for a new home. She has a strong network of clients in key markets and oftentimes knows when homes are coming on the market before they hi...

— Mathias W.


Ashley has been extremely helpful in my process of looking at potential homes or lots. I have not purchased a home yet, as I am still looking for the right one at the right price, but I will be purchasing from Ashley when I do. She stays on top of listings that are in my price range and sends them to me right away and will schedule a tour immediately if I want tour. She is great to work with and I am exp...

— Buyer

Work With Ashley

I have found myself most excited working to help others grow and feel comfortable. My approach to real estate comes from the heart. I aim to help clients relax and enjoy the beautiful process this industry has to offer them!